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Primary Location: 5595 Rockbridge Rd, Stone Mountain, Georgia 30083



  1. Format – The tournament will be a pool play tournament, guaranteeing all teams three games. The championship round will be single elimination. If there are more than 6 teams in any age group, that age group will have pool play with a single elimination playoff held on Sunday. The number of teams advancing to a play-off round will vary depending on the number of teams per age group. The pool winner, plus any wildcards will advance to the single elimination round.
    The seeding and tie-breakers will be as follows:

    • Overall Record
    • Head to Head Record
    • Points Allowed
    • Points Scored
    • Coin Toss
  2. Certification – All players must check in prior to playing in any game. Each team must present the check-in staff with the official certification documents from your league, including a valid birth certificated. All players will be verified for age. All players must keep the band on for the entire weekend. If any player loses his certification band, that player must be recertified before he can enter a game. If a band is removed during play, please notify the game official at that time. The control date is July 31. If your league uses a different control date, you must provide such documentation in order to use an earlier control date.
  3. Weight for skilled players – Unlimted weight for all age groups
  4. Game Time – Each game will be two twenty minute halves. There will be a running clock on all games except for the last two minutes of each half. There will be a 5 minute halftime for all games. Each team will get 2 timeouts per game.
  5. Kicking Game – There will be no kicking game in this tournament. The ball will be placed on the 35 yard line in lieu of a kick off.(30 yard line for 5U, 6U, 7U and 8U) There will be a 30 yard automatic punt, if you have not crossed mid-field.(20 yards for 5U, 6U, 7U and 8U). Everyone must run or kick for the extra point.
  6. Overtime – In case of overtime. The ball will be placed on the 10 yard line. Each team will get the ball one time for a series. This process is continued until a winner is declared. THERE IS NO OVERTIME IN POOL PLAY.
  7. Illegal Players – Any team attempting to play or certify an illegal player with be removed from the tournament immediately and shall receive no refund.
  8. Special Rules – Two coaches are allowed on the field during 5U & 6U games. One coach is allowed on the field during 7U & 8U games.