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7U & 8U Centennial Bowl Brackets

Here is the 7U and 8U bracket.

Each 15 minutes the Centennial Bowl will release part of the brackets for the 2015 Centennial Bowl.  This year’s tournament, the most outstanding team will get receive a set of jerseys from Going Strong Sports.  Each competitive championship team will get championship Tshirts sponsored by Go Sports Warehouse.   Stay tuned for the weekly Born to Compete radio show this week, with predictions, comments and reports on the 2015 Centennial Bowl with over 80 teams again this year.

Rarely will you ever see 7U and 8U brackets as loaded as these. At 7U is led by the defending Georgia state champions, Welcome All. But this will not be a walk in the park for them as 12 other teams are here to walk away with a championship.  Atlanta Ducks, Atlanta Vikings, Central Dekalb Jaguars, Decartur Army-Camo, Gresham Park Rattlers and North Henry Tigers are all teams that some think could challenge for the trophy.

8U is so loaded, we broke it up into a competitive and recreational division.  There is no hiding in the competitive division as you have what most considered the top 5 teams in Georgia last year in the state champs Atlanta Vikings, along with Atlanta Ducks, Atlanta Tigers, Central Dekalb Jaguars, Welcome All Panthers as well as the wildcard, the West Mobile Buccaneers.

7 & Under Bracket
8 & Under Bracket

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