2013 Champions
6U - Atlanta Vikings 12 - Welcome All 6
7U -
Atlanta Vikings 26 - Central Dekalb(Wilder) 0
8U -
Sandtown Vikings 28 - Central Dekalb(Goodman) 0
9U -
Central Dekalb(Thornton) 12 - Knoxville Falcons 0
10U -
Central Dekalb(Stabler) 7 - Atlanta Vikings 0
10U Rec -
Redan 13 - Hapeville 12
11U -
Central Dekalb(Wilson) 25 - Welcome All 0
12U -
Central Dekalb(Shelley) 12 - Atlanta Vikings 0
14U -
Ga Thoroughbreds 13 - Central Dekalb 0

2013 Standings
Champions - Atlanta Vikings
Runner Up - Welcome All Panthers
3rd Place - Rock Chapel Bulldogs
4th Place - Georgia Ducks

Champions - Atlanta Vikings
Runner Up - Central Dekalb(Wilder)
3rd Place - Hapeville Hornets
4th Place - New Rock Redskins

Champions - Sandtown Vikings
Runner Up - Central Dekalb(Goodman)
3rd Place - Tyner Raiders
4th Place - Hapeville Hornets

Champions - Central Dekalb(Thornton)
Runner Up - Knoxville Falcons
3rd Place - Central Dekalb(Lee)
4th Place - Mt Carmel Rams

Champions - Central Dekalb(Stabler)
Runner Up - Atlanta Vikings
3rd Place - East Metro Titans
4th Place - Welcome All Panthers

Champions - Redan Raiders
Runner Up - Hapeville Hornets
3rd Place - Georgia Ducks
4th Place - Rosel Fann Raiders

Champions - Central Dekal(Wilson)
Runner Up - Welcome All Panthers/Atlanta Vikings
3rd - Mobile Panthers

Champions - Central Dekalb(Shelley)
Runner Up - Atlanta Vikings
3rd Place - Knoxville Falcons
4th Place - Union City Eagles

Champions - Georgia Thoroughbreds
Runner Up - Central Dekalb Jaguars
3rd Place - Jonesboro Gators
4th Place - Lithonia Tigers

2012 Champions
6U - Welcome All 14 - Central Dekalb(Wilder) 0
7U -
Welcome All 13 - Central Dekalb(Goodman) 0
8U -
Central Dekalb(Thornton) 12 - Navco Vikings 6
8U Rec
Douglasville 7 - Central Dekalb(Lee) 0
Central Dekalb(Stabler) 13 - Welcome All 0
9U Rec
East Paulding 20 - Fayette 12
10U -
Atlanta Vikings 7 - Central Dekalb(Wilson) 0
10U Rec -
Old National 23 - Hillgrove 0
11U -
North Henry 20 - CD(Shelley)  0
12U -
Atlanta Vikings 14 - Gwinnett Chargers 6
14U -
Rock Chapel 7 - Ga Thoroughbreds 6

2012 Complete Results

See what they are saying about the Centennial Bowl.

"We appreciate you Val…….You run a grade “A” tournament. Thanks for
the having us and we look forward to coming back. Have a good season
this year." - Winfred Moorer – Cottage Hill Steelers

"Thanks Val. You guys put on a very good tournament. That has help us
out in gettin our kid ready thanks again an can't wait until next year. " -
Marcus Durrell – Opelika-Auburn Gators   

"Great work! Very organized this year, can’t wait til next year." - Micah
Parker – Redan Raiders

"Great tournament this weekend. We will be back next year to win it all." -
Ced – North Henry Tigers   

"Good tournament…See you next year" - Micheal Wright – Fayette County
Blue Devils

Welcome to the Centennial Bowl.  Home of the most
competitive youth football tournament in America.  Each year
the Centennial Bowl host not just 100 football teams, but the
best football teams around.  At the Centennial Bowl, you do not
just play 3 football games, you play against the best teams you
will play all year.  Every year teams leave the Centennial Bowl
and go on to win their league championships, other pre-
season tournaments, and post season tournaments.

You can look over the standings in the 2012 Centennial Bowl
and you will see teams that finished 3rd or 4th in the
Centennial Bowl, go undefeated during the regular season and
win national championships in Thanksgiving tournaments.  
Anybody can guarantee you 3 games, we guarantee you the
best competition you will see in any tournament.

Due to the large number of participating teams the tournament
will now have a single age format. This allows for younger
teams to play against teams closer to their age.  At the same
time, it ensures that the best of the best, play nothing but top
notch teams in single elimination play.

So, if you think you have the best team in your age group, just
sign on the dotted line and we can all find out on the field.  If
you think your team needs a little more work, just sign on the
dotted line and we will get you work against comparable teams
and crown recreational champions in some age groups.

This is an experience you do not want your kids and parents to
miss.  Your kids will get an experience of a lifetime.  Watching
teams from all over come and compete for the love of the

Your parents will love the opportunity to escape to Atlanta for a
weekend and enjoy all the fun and sites to see in Atlanta.  

The Centennial Bowl is hosted at Wade Walker Park in Stone
Mountain, Georgia.  Wade Walker is the home of the Central
Dekalb Jaguars, the largest youth football program in metro

All hotel accomodations must be arranged thru our host hotels
or your team will not be allowed to certify for the tournament.  

The 2013 tournament is Friday August 9th thru Sunday August
11th.  This tournament is a great way to kick off your season.  
For more information you can contact us via e-mail at
valister@centennialbowl.com or 678-768-7444
Come play and watch
the best youth football
teams in the south
Valister Wilson
"Thanks, this was great"
2011 Chris Hinton
Johns Creek Galdiators
"Its a football coaches
Corey Elesby - President
Glenwood Panthers
Decatur, Georgia
"This was a great event,
our guys needed this.
2011 Jeff Warshaw
Atlanta Colts
"It got us ready for our
season, we won't face
competition this good in
Josh Jones
Knoxville Falcons.
Knoxville, Tennessee
"We had to bring our "A"
game this weekend"
Head Coach
Bi-City Patriots
Phenix City, Alabama
"thanks for a GREAT
experience for all our kids.
I wish we had found you
sooner. You should be
proud of what you've built!
2009 Jim Piperato
Flowery Branch Falcons
Sponsored by
"Great tournament this
weekend. We will be back
next year."
2011 Coach Ced
North Henry Tigers
"The best teams we have
played in years"
Ralph Love
Grandview Raiders
Memphis, Tennessee
August 8-10 2014


"This is a great set up
2011  Northview Parent
"Thank you for the
2011 Johns Creek Parent
"This is the best
Centennial Bowl ever"
2011 Alex Benson
Born To Compete
2012 Results
6 & Under
Champions- Welcome All Panthers
Runner - Up - Central Dekalb(Wilder)
3rd Place - Atlanta Vikings
4th Place - Central Dekalb(Bembry

7 & Under
Champions- Welcome All Panthers
Runner - Up - Central Dekalb(Goodman)
3rd Place - Sandtown Vikings
4th Place - Milford Warriors

& Under-Competitive
Champions - Central Dekalb(Thornton)
Runner - Up - Navco Vikings
3rd Place - Knoxville Falcons
4th Place - Central Park Ravens

8 & Under-Recreational
Champions - Douglasville Tigercubs
Runner - Up - Central Dekalb(Lee)
3rd Place - Mt Carmel Rams
4th Place - Gwinnett Chargers

9 & Under-Competitive
Champions- Central Dekalb(Stabler)
Runner - Up - Welcome All Panthers
3rd Place - North Henry Tigers
4th Place - Central Dekalb(Blackwell)

9 & Under-Recreational
Champions- East Paulding Raiders
Runner - Up - Fayette County Blue Devils
3rd Place - Fairburn Flames
4th Place - Sharpsburg Stallions

10 & Under Competitive
Champions - Atlanta Vikings
Runner Up - Central Dekalb(Wilson)
3rd Place - South Forsyth
4th Place - Central Dekalb(Crawley)

10 & Under Recreational
Champions - Old National Knights
Runner Up - Hillgrove Hawks
3rd Place - Gwinnett Chargers
4th Place - Rock Chapel Bulldogs

11 & Under
Champions- North Henry Tigers
Runner - Up - Central Dekalb(Shelley)
3rd Place - Gresham Park Rattlers
4th Place - Central Dekalb(warren)

12 & Under
Champions - Atlanta Vikings
Runner Up - Gwinnett Chargers
3rd Place - Central Dekalb(Stephenson)
4th Place - Central Dekalb(Peacock)

14 & Under
Champions - Rock Chapel Bulldogs
Runner-Up - Georgia Thoroughbreds
3rd Place - Central Virginia Hurricanes
4th Place - Central Dekalb Jaguars